Regular And Upcoming Events
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Today, the Su'ndari are a merchant society, known for their tendency to indulge in life's many luxuries - fine foods, wines, spices, silks, exotic pets, and all things foreign, new or unique. To be a Su'ndari is to appreciate the finer things in life without concern for such trivial matters as war and starvation.

The wealthier Su'ndari, of course, follow this philosophy most closely. The poor and lower classes emulate it as well as their financial situation allows.

For example, Su'ndari celebrations are long and opulent. Large beasts are killed and roasted, and the people will gorge for days on the meat while enjoying fine music, dancing, songs and many barrels of imported wine.

For the lower classes, celebrations are not as long or as lavish. For a big event, a family might save for weeks in order to buy meat for the feast, and they will gather together and celebrate for as long as they can afford.