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It is not hard to see where the Su'undari get their religion. On the open and clear deserts of Sun'di, all you have to do is look up and the perceived majesty of their gods becomes apparent.


The massive planet Rosharen dominates the crystal clear skies in a awe inspiring display. Maybe it's just the result of living on a moon in orbit and being subject to such sights, but their gods can all be found in the heavens. Six planets and the sun make up a pantheon of six celestials. Though each serves their own purpose it is the closest planet, Rosharen that seems to hold the most important roles as a omnipotent all seeing diety that overshadows their theology as much as their night sky.

Religion is direly important to the Su'undari, but it's place has become one of expected habit and politics. High Priests often direct and influence the affairs of people and government, using their status to ensure that as a race they stick to the will of the god's. It follows that atheism has reached such a level of taboo that it is against the law. Though it is hard enforce for obvious reasons, if it becomes public issue its punishment has been severe as death.

The common man likes to believe in a higher power, the 'upper class' realize the Gods are symbols and very likely don't exist as extra-planar beings. Still, the stars and planets do have some control over how things work in the world. The influences are very clear, but less clear are the threads of fate. It is not so much a divine rulership or pantheon, but rather a lay-man's understanding of the physical reality of the interconnected forces and often invisible forces which effect the world.

Each of the Celestials is known to influence the aspects of the world over which they have dominance. The priests study the celestials using the holy art of Astronomy.


Astronomy is something sacred, as a result the technology of manipulating light through lenses is a science they are proficient at far beyond what you would expect to see from a civilization at their epoch. The larger temples are home to magnificent telescopes that can scour deep in the the night sky.

The priests use their studies of astronomy and the lore in the library to determine how the Celestials will influence the daily life, important events and ceremonies of the worshippers. So great is the Su'ndi's belief in these signs and readings that they will cancel marriages and other matters of great political and financial importance based solely on the judgment given by a priest.

Though it is not the only thing the priesthood excells at, followers of Rosharen in the pursuit of knowledge, create libraries that collectively hold the majority of the Su'undari writings. Each great religious center has a great library within which the knowledge of the Su'ndi is collected and studied. Many of the priests and religious figures never leave these walls, spending their life in the quiet pursuit and understanding of knowledge.

Technically these libraries are open to any who seek knowledge but in reality the libraries often have methods of storing and filing information that makes the libraries all but inaccessible to any who has not been schooled in their use. This, along with the often surprising knowledge held by members of the priesthood has led to theories of secret libraries held within the main libraries themselves.


The library in Capital City deep in the heart of Su'ndi is known as one of the great architectural masterpieces of the world. Within the ornate walls of the library complex lie dozens of contemplation gardens surrounded by tomes containing all the lore known to the Su'ndi people. Many priests and scholars live within the walls of this great library studying the great writings in an endless effort to increase their understanding of the universe and the celestials.

In the untamed reaches it is rumoured that some of the tribes still follow the Old Gods. The Old Gods are the so-called dieties of spring and sand, storm and fertility that the Su'ndi worshipped before they learned of the innate truths of the universe and turned their focus to the study of the Celestials instead.