The Celestials


The power or influence of the Celestials effects everything in the world. It is the balance of influences from these powers that make things what they are. Mankind for example has a larger proportion of Rosharen's influence than all the beasts - and this is why we are able to reason and think. When these influences are all in balance then the celestials can be said to be having no influence on a persons life but this is a rare thing indeed. An increase in Rosharen's influence will cause a man or woman to think more deeply whilst an over abundance of Yatantan's influence may see them driven into acts of passion. By measuring the movements of the heavenly bodies that hold the core of the Celestial's powers the Magisters can predict and anticipate the changing impact of the Celestials upon the world. Through their art they can determine when a woman will be most fertile, when the soil will be most bountiful, how to treat the diseases caused by imbalances and how to prevent the most dreadful of human sorrows and excesses. All the celestials matter equally but it is Rosharen that marks the su'ndi apart and the su'ndi honor this with the great libraries that bring together all human Knowledge so that the Magisters, and any who wishes it, may partake in the bounty of Rosharen's light.


Omnipotence, all-seeing, Sundi Protector, Knowledge and its pursuit. The symbols and patterns the Su'ndi's daub upon themselves with a henna like (or kohl-like?) substance are done to honor the knowledge and understanding aspect of Rosharen. Rosharen's sacred colour is white. The lymphatic system due to its pale colour is said to be responsible for controlling the logical and intellectual sides of the body.

Effects: (there is also an average/mild but this is normality)
Absent: When Rosharen is considered to be absent/weak it is linked with a dulling of the mind, a lack of curiosity and a general lack of interest in the surrounding world.
Overwhelming: The power of Rosharen smothers the less intellectual sides of life. It stifles creativity and makes people obsessive. People become dogmatic and obsessed with the details of the law instead of the intent.


Creation through destruction, war, strength, fortitude, honour and matters of its defense, passion, storms. he Color red is sacred to Yatant/an The Color red is often used in the key-stone to arches, as a prayer for strength, and to defend against storms, and keep the home strong. All that pass under it, should gain strength! Some crafters are known to make a red-chalk and work it into their hands before important works- this is particularly true of those who build homes, or work stone. Red is also the color of passion. Bright red worn on the body is said to attract battle luck in great quantities and soldiers often wear red cloaks to draw the luck of battle to them… red is also said to strengthen passions - good or bad - and to thus draw conflict. The blood system due to its red colour is said to be responsible for controlling the bodily passions.

Absent: When Yatantan is absent/near-absent from a persons reading it means they are going to be weak willed and uncaring about matters outside themselves. Libido would fail and they would have little interest in their normal pursuits. They will do things that their honour would normally prevent.
Moderate: Personal strength and fortitude is bolstered.
Strong: Personal Honour becomes an overwhelming desire even when its pursuit is unhealthy. Courage and Will becomes unbreachable and reasonable arguments become ignored.
Overwhelming: Passions are stirred to an extreme that is almost impossible to control. Gluttony, unhealthy lust, rage… all these are considered a mark of an overwhelming influence of Yatantan.


Distant planet. Appears smokey grey - Dreams, visions or altered states, deception, empathy, luck, love, delirium - The delirium you slip into when sick which spares you from pain, smoke, shadow, connection to other worlds, poetry. Patera is associated with the colour purple. Purple is said to draw dreams and visions. It is an unlucky colour because Patera is a goddess associated with insanity and delusion.

Absent: a lack of imagination and vision. An inability to see beauty. An inability to sense the feelings of others. Pyschopathy.
Overwhelming: The grasp on reality becomes flawed. Delirium/fever takes over. It becomes difficult/near impossible to tell truth from falsehood. Hallucinations. Overwhelming luck both positive and negative. Creativity so intense it threatens insanity.


death, energy, fever, wealth, pride, fire, leadership, punishment, law, duty, ambition. Associated with the colour yellow. Bright yellow is said to be the colour of death and is associated with tainted water, the burning heat of the midday sun, the sand of endless deserts. Executioners wear yellow hoods and gloves. Gold is also associated with Monorasht in his wealth, duty, pride, energy and ambition aspects.

Effects: A lack of energy and drive. Loss of pride. Submissive nature.
Strong: An excessive interest in wealth and personal glory. Strong leadership and an affinity for gold. Energy. Alpha behaviour.
Overwhelming: Greed, pride, zealotry, cruelty, death. Excessively dominant behaviour.


agriculture, weather, fate, hunting, life, birth, health, purified water, ice, rain. Zetzion's lucky colour is black or very dark brown like the moist and fertile soils of the river valleys. Black is supposed to draw fertility and doctors trained by the official medical colleges wear a traditional black cloak to draw health and life to them. It is commonly thought that contact with rain will boost fertility.

Absent: Sickness, infertility, disease, hunger and a general wilting of the physical self. Drought.
Moderate: Increased chances of conception, good months for livestock breeding, robust health.
Strong: Snow is considered an indicator of strong influences. Bountiful fertility (twins). Strong health. Benefits to healing.
Overwhelming: Floods and an excess of rain, mold and rot. Fate removing choice from an individual. Extreme health. Excessive fertility (triplets). Near miraculous healing.


The sea and boats, architecture, wisdom, undiscovered/hidden knowledge, anything that alters/shapes the world, music. Selaque is heavily associated with Architecture. Sacred color is blue. Blue is a color that often shows up in architecture. Water is important- it moves energy and keeps Selaque's influence moving through the home when you have a water feature in the home- even the poorest home will have a bird-bath, or some other form of open, pure water- every attempt will be made to keep it pure and clean. Blue doors, and window shutters are thought to welcome selaque's influence into the home.

Absent: Stagnation, a lack of common sense, naivety, lack of curiosity, tone-deafness.
Strong: Interest in new things.
Overwhelming: Inability to settle. Excessive Nosiness/unhealthy interest in anothers business. An overwhelming desire to leave a mark on the world. Rivers changing path mark an intense period of activity from Selaque.