Regular Ceremonies

Ten Day Ceremony

The tenth day of each month, when Rosharen is at it's smallest, is a holy day marked by the holy men taking readings and offering words of wisdom for the coming month.

Longest Day

The longest day is marked by much singing and dancing. In areas where water is plentiful it also includes swimming and splashing water around.

Longest Night

The longest night is marked by a feast followed by the family gathering around a fire and sharing stories deep into the night.


Harvest is a six day celebration that occurs at the end of the growing season marks the change of the season. As with New Year the holy men determine the exact date each year. It usually takes place during early october.

New Year

New Year is a two week festival that is celebrated at the beginning of the growing season. The holy men determine the exact date every year according to various astronomical signs and portents that only they truly understand. It usually takes place during early April.

Special Ceremonies



childbirth and the Naming Ceremony



Family Creation



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