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Current understanding is that life was created by a type of elemental attracted to the energy of the world dragons and that they formed living beings in the same way that the water elementals created the oceans. The Su'ndari believe that all beings are formed around one of these elementals with humans having the greatest elemental of the type available to themselves. As a result these “elemental-sparks” provide that mystical source of magic that makes man more than a chunk of rock but that the elementals themselves are no better than those that create water or air.

Most people follow a middle ground approach when the Life Spark(s) are concerned. They believe that the elementals that create the spark of life have an influence upon them. They are capable of inflicting insanity when ill treated and they are capable of influencing the actions of those that they have formed by manipulating a persons passions. This is known as the elemental influence and is commonly attributed to emotions that are so powerful that they strip away reason. They offer homage to the elementals, hoping to placate them or reduce their power, by following the traditions of the land: traditions known to be passed down from their ancestors.

Some maintain the old tradition of the Mother. There are a few variations in this belief. This belief says that rather than a multitude of elementals each forming a cocoon of life around them a single elemental creates the sparks and divides them up between the beings of the world – some believe that a single elemental-spark is responsible for all life but most believe that one elemental-spark is responsible for each individual type of animal, bird, man, insect and fish. In both cases the mother or life-spark is a godly being that influences the lives of those she created. Some believe that the influence is blind, as the elemental-spark is no more alert or alive than any other elemental, and some believe that the life-spark does so with a purpose, holding intellect and life itself.

When the life-spark is considered to be a goddess in her own right the worshippers also believe that the Elemental-Spark can influence the other elementals. Thus a famine caused by a hot wind can either be the act of a bunch of bored flame elementals or because the Elemental-Spark wishes to display displeasure.

Death is believed to happen when the elemental spark becomes so faint that it stops spreading life about itself. The reason for this is open to much debate. Some believe it is because the Elemental-Spark has willed that life ends at this point, some believe it is because a spark can only live so long once it has been given by the Source-Spark and some believe it is due to the elemental spark itself waning in strength. This waning is generally believed to be due to the cocoon of life formed about the life-spark being corrupted by some other elemental influence, for example an excess of fire, thus weakening the life-spark and making the life it generates more fragile.

The Spirit-Mother follows the old traditions. This secretive body of women can be entered only through the adoption or birth of a girl child into the order and Spirit-Mothers never marry. Originally this order acted as priestesses for the population but since the Elementalist movement became favoured they have retreated back into the traditional roles of medicine woman and midwife and whilst doctors and healers do not need to be spirit-mothers midwives always are as the sacred childbirth ceremony requires their presence if it is to be successful. The Spirit-Mothers still have their ancestral place in society, they just share those responsibilities with the Elementalists, as a result they are still able to perform all traditional Su'ndari ceremonies such as marriage and funerals. Spirit-Mothers have a special place in Su'ndari society. They are part of no family, never own anything they cannot carry and do not take money for their services. According to tradition a Spirit-Mother is not subject to the three day rule of the Contract of Salt.

If you are a Spirit-Mother please speak to a member of staff for more details.

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