Self Chargen Details
Table of Contents

Chargen Thoughts.

Room order needs to be -

1. Province - Thought here. Too much choice? Need more militant slant somewhere.
2. Features - Eyes, Hair, Skin, Name.
3. Lifepaths - Childoption, Education
4. Age & Attributes - Set age, explain raise attribute, averaged out. Agerange 21-30.
5. Vocation & Bonus - Planned vocation. "bonus option". Vocational kit. Sets skills ok for (only vocational here. I somehow lost this part) 3. Bonus option needs to explain size better. No skills to 4. Need to cap them at 3.5 I think.
6. Skills - Age dp awarded. Practice ok? Needs to explain 0 skills.
7. Personality & Background. Line about these being subject to review.
8. Description - Feature & free description string. Size options based on size attribute purchased earlier. Line about these being subject to review.
9. Chargen Merchant - Time to buy some toys. Reset exit. auto qmail/bb for review. Exit into…
10. Tutorial Room - Room somehow ic'ly accessible (maybe via command) with all tutorials. Rules agreed kinda check before leaving?

Vocation Cap Thinks
I think I'd like to do these as simple as possible. Maybe have just fields?
Combat - athletics, combat skills, military
Crafter - any craft skill.
Entertainer - Socials. Performance.
Merchantile - Negotiation, socials, economics.
Staff Category - Anything :P
Outdoorsy - Herbalist, Hunting, Athletics

Never available outside of chargen:
Scouting (Does this make sense for any chargen even at 1? Is it fun to limit it?)
Foreign languages/literacies (these should be staff only anyhow I think)

Notice +qmail needs to be:
Name just completed chargen.
His province is ….
For which the following norms are expected : size, eyes, skin, hair.
He chose: size, eyes, skin, hair
He/She is x years old and has a … childhood and … adulthood.
His skills at 3 are:
His bonus was …
Review and Offer Help if necessary.

Review of military skill required.

(Everything below here may NOT tally with what is actually done)