Su'ndi Trading Company
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The management and expansion of the Su'undari settlements and enterprises is no small task In the interest of optimal efficiency of investments and the distribution of wealth, the Su'ndi oversaw the creation of the Su'ndi Trading Company. While they aren't a direct extension of the government, a close eye is kept to ensure that corruption does not taint their purpose. Their mission being more than the acquisition of wealth, but also the development of localized economies. The futures of many settlements depend largely on the Company's ability to succeed.

In the pursuit of resources and prospects, the Su'ndi Trading Company is directly responsible for the creation of many outposts. Wether a new settlement or a recently acquired city thrives is depends largely on the success of the Company. They bring with them jobs for every profession and pay skilled workers well. Competition to them are certainly not forbidden to those able to keep up with the monopoly, but it requires offering what the encompassing business cannot. The government prevents them from dabbling in petty trades and customized goods unless local industries cannot fulfill these needs. Their main trade interests are mining, forestry, crops, and spices.

Since the concept of police are foreign to the Su'ndi, the Company goes to great measures to protect their assets. Company mercenaries have become nearly an army in and of itself, each expertly trained and well equipped. For the right price, they have been known to lend their services. They do go out of their way to protect their interests as well. Should a threat approach a city or faction, they cooperate with local militaries in interest of preservation.

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