Sundi Style

Water Features

Water is important- it moves energy and pleases Selaque to have a water feature in the home- even the poorest home will have a bird-bath, or some other form of open, pure water- every attempt will be made to keep it pure and clean.

Blue Shutters and Doors

Blue doors, and window shutters are thought to welcome wisdom into the home, and to protect against curses and demons.

Black Cloaks

Doctors trained by the official medical colleges wear a traditional black cloak to draw health and life to them.


Black or very dark brown like the moist and fertile soils of the river valleys is a colour linked with fertility.


In small quantities Bright yellow is a colour said to bring wealth and aid ambition but in large quantities it is the colour of death and is associated with tainted water, the burning heat of the midday sun and the sand of endless deserts. Executioners wear yellow hoods and gloves when conducting their business.


In small quantities purple is said to draw dreams, luck, visions and even love. It is often considered to be an unlucky colour due to the close link between dreams and visions and delirium and insanity and is almost never used in large quantities.

Red Key-Stones

The Color red is often used in the key-stone to arches, as a prayer for strength, and to defend against storms, and keep the home strong. All that pass under it, should gain strength!


Some crafters are known to make a red-chalk and work it into their hands before important works- this is particularly true of those who build homes, or work stone.

Red Cloaks

Bright red worn on the body is said to attract battle luck in great quantities and soldiers often wear red cloaks to draw the luck of battle to them… Wearing red in this way is considered a mixed blessing as red stirs the passions and is thought to draw battle.

Henna and Kohl

The Su'ndi's daub upon themselves with patterns and symbols drawn with a henna like substance to honor the knowledge and understanding aspect of Rosharen and offer some of that knowledge to others. The patterns and symbols drawn in this way will always carry meaning.

Marriage Mark

When a woman or man is married they wear a distinctive mark - two lines are drawn downwards from the inner corner of the eye parallel to the line of the nose. A dot is added alongside the line to represent each child born within the marriage. The lines are black or very dark brown to draw fertility and health to the blessing.