Animal Husbandry
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The husbandry skills give a player the ability to breed, train and handle of animals. The riding skill is partially related as it can also be used to successfully handle a trained mount but it does not give the player the ability to breed or train mounts.

The breeding of animals is both complex and simple. The quality of the parents and the skill of the breeder will influence the quality of the offspring. Higher quality parents will generally create high quality offspring. In addition the offspring will inherit features, attributes and behaviour from its parents. If you breed a chestnut stallion to a black mare you are most likely to get chestnut or black foals. It is possible to produce crossbreeds between compatible breeds - Sessinian and Roshar cats for example.

To fit with the concept of downtime points and to make your gameplay as smooth as possible the breeding process is assumed to have happened in the past. When you type breed <name> with <name> the offspring will immediately be produced. Newly produced animals will be displayed as foals, puppies or whatever but certain actions will produce the exact same result as with an adult. If you butcher a lamb you will get the same yield as butchering a sheep. We have done this so that you dont have to keep dozens of sheep around on the off chance you might want to butcher one in several weeks/months.

The animal handling aspects of husbandry will only be partially coded. Mostly they will come into effect during gm'd scenes or player run scenes. An example of a coded animal handling command which is influenced by husbandry is tame. A tamed animal will have a number of actions unlocked that players cannot perform with untamed animals. These actions include milking cows and getting your pet dog to follow you. Almost any animal can potentially be tamed with a high enough skill.

Animal training is intended to enable the customisation of animals so that they have a value beyond being a collectors item. It should include such things as training a horse to allow you to fight from its back, training a dog in the hunt so that he/she gives you a bonus to your hunt skill and training a parrot to mimic words. It has not yet been coded.

The personality of an animal has been provided as a rp tool only and will not impact any of the animals attributes or qualities.

Animals will age and eventually die.

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