Astronomy is used extensively within the religious orders and nobody qualifies as a full priest or priestess without reaching a certain level of competence.

Astronomy is something sacred, as a result the technology of manipulating light through lenses is a science they are proficient at far beyond what you would expect to see from a civilization at their epoch. The larger temples are home to magnificent telescopes that can scour deep in the the night sky. Though it is not the only thing the priesthood excells at, followers of Rosharen in the pursuit of knowledge, create libraries that collectively hold the majority of the Su'undari writings. As a result of these things those that seek to be scholars often enter the priesthood.

The arrangement of the stars is used to determine the omens for the near future, to determine the suitability of marriage matches, during the ten-day sermons and to determine a new born childs potential and future.

Astronomy Skill

The astronomy skill is mainly used for roleplaying purposes. It is designed to provide the player with an idea of how knowledgeable and skilled the character is in understanding the underlying meaning held within the stars. It is most likely to be seen in gm run plots. There may be a coded system at some later date.

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