Energy Points

Energy points are important because they enable a player to do immediate actions. Downtime points in comparison enable a player to do things which take at least an hour to perform. Examples of actions which require energy points are combat, lifting heavy items and running.

Energy points can be replenished by eating food.

Each food item will provide a different number of energy points based upon the value of the food item and a quality modifier. Some edible items such as drugs and poisons may have other effects.


It is intended that alcoholic drinks will make characters drunk. This will probably be limited to attribute penalties and bonuses and emits designed to give ideas for the roleplayer to spin poses from.
Most teas have beneficial side effects.


Some items that are edible, snortable or drinkable have effects beyond an increase in energy points. These items will influence attributes over a set period of time in a way which will change as the effect matures. Drugs will frequently have a long period of attribute penalties once the original bonuses wear off which can only be removed by taking more of the drug.


Medicines are discussed on the Medicines page.


Its intended that some plants and items will have deterimental and potentially fatal effects.


Food that is not stored in an appropriate container will eventually rot away. This process has not yet been activated but it is expected that food will last several real days when left out in the open.


The cooking and brewing skills is used in the same way as every other craft skill in the game.