We have developed a system where seeds, skill and downtime points can be converted into crops as long as a suitable piece of land is available in a very rough representation of agriculture.

Rather than forcing the player to plant seeds and then return daily to tend the land the assumption is made that the player spent time off-camera tending these crops and/or managing his/her farming staff during the months and weeks prior to the harvest. Land can only be used once an ic year to represent the fact that crops need time to ripen before harvesting can occur.

The farmers skill and the quality of the crops will influence the quality and quantity of crops harvested from the fields.

Milk, Eggs and Wool

When you have an appropriate tame animal in the room which produces useful items such as milk or eggs you can gather the items from it using the appropriate husbandry skill. The quality of harvested items is influenced by the animal quality. It will be possible to gather from the animal again once an appropriate period has passed.


In most outside areas it is possible to hunt for various herbs, spices, fruits and trees. The forestlore skill determines the level of success in searches and the room type determines which plants are available. The quality of the plants is capped by the players forestlore skill.