The Su'ndari people are exceptionally proud and vain of their appearance. They will never voluntarily leave their house without ensuring that they look their absolute best and their appearance will be used by the population to assess which houses are doing well and which are not.

Elaborate hair (and elaborate facial hair) are both considered to be indicators of status and high status individuals will spend a huge amount of time and effort to ensure that their hair is at its absolute best. In the highest tiers of society the hairstyles and beards can get faintly rediculous as each family does its best to ensure that they have the most time and money to spend on personal grooming. Men that cannot afford such luxuries are clean shaven in comparison.

Perfume and makeup are other indications of wealth and status and both men and women spend a fortune to ensure that they have the latest and most stylish scents and accessories. Embroidery, laces and expensive cloths are also extremely popular and jewelry is practically an essential. It would raise less attention if a man were to wear a loincloth and a ring than if he were to wear expensive clothes and wear no jewelry at all.

The Su'ndari's desire to display their wealth and status extends into their home and their social behaviour. A families house indicates their ability to support their members and an influential family is one that holds parties and events and offers hospitality freely.

Fashion Skill

The fashion skill represents a characters ability to tend to his/her grooming and his/her understanding of the current trends in local fashion. It effects his/her influence gain because it directly impacts the fashion check and it is also used directly when a command alters a characters appearance. Trimming hair uses the fashion skill to determine success for example.

Fashion Check

Occasionally when a group of players are present in the same location an automated fashion check will occur. The fashion check happens when the system compares the various qualities, item ratings, stylist scores and fashion skills of those who are present and awards or deducts influence or street cred from each participant according to their final result. In this way we attempt to represent the Su'ndari obsession with social status and wealth.

The stylist score is a value given according to the fashion check results of others who are wearing that same stylists (clothier) clothing. It is our hope that this will help to generate rp for clothiers.