There are two aspects to the language system. The language and the literacy skill.

The language skill allows you to understand the meaning of the words within the language in either it's written(assuming you understand the script it is written in) or spoken form. Some languages can be written down in several ways, thus enabling the use of multiple literacy skills.

The literacy skill covers the way a language is written thus enabling someone with literacy to read that specific style of writing. For example a language might be written in heiroglyphs in the traditional form with the translated meaning written in the western script and both of these would require different literacy skills as well as the relevant language skill.

On DitD the following languages are known:

  • Old Su'ndari - this is a 'dead' language encountered and used like Latin is in English speaking cultures.
  • Modern Su'ndari - the common tongue used by the residents
  • Old Native - The native language sometimes encountered in ruins and ancient texts in the outpost region.
  • Tribal Local - The tongue spoken in the tribes within the outpost region.

The following literary scripts are known:

  • Old Native - The style of writing used in many ruins and ancient texts within the outpost region.
  • Su'ndari - The style used by the Su'undari peoples.