We have designed a perform system to help performer characters to earn a living via their trade. The idea is that the character performs to the various npcs and that his/her performance and location determine the amount of fame and/or money they earn by doing so.

All of the perform skills represent the ability to do the action professionally. If you wish to do the action to a non professional level you may just roleplay it and should you be in a situation where the level of success is important you may use the @check command.

Dance Skill

The dance skill represents your knowledge of various types of dance and your ability to perform and compose complicated dance routines.

If you have a dance skill at 0 then you are familiar with the basic essentials of dancing and would be able to perform a simple dance without embarassment (unless you wish to rp it). By comparison a dance skill of 5 would enable you to perform a dance that could win the modern dance championships.

Singing Skill

The singing skill represents your knowledge of various types of song and your ability to sing and compose complicated musical pieces.

If you have a singing skill of 0 then you will be able to sing a few simple, common songs without making people cringe (unless you wish to rp that) A singing level of three by comparison might represent the talent of the head singer in a modest theater production whilst 4 or 5 would represent the singing talents of famous masters like Pavarotti.

Music Skill

The music skill represents your knowledge of various musical instruments, tunes and your ability to successfully perform and compose complicated musical pieces.

As with the other perform skills a skill at level 0 represents some knowledge with musical instruments that would enable you to use the instrument to some extent.

Speechcraft Skill

The speechcraft skill is a little more complicated than the other performance skills because it represents something slightly different. Speechcraft is the ability of the speech maker to produce speeches and get across their point in a way that generates a physical response from the audience. It can be used to represent someone making a speech to a waiting crowd or someone reciting poetry to his adoring audience depending on the specific situation.

When used in the perform capacity it is the second meaning (poetry recitation or acting a part) that is intended.

Speechcraft is also likely to come up in gm run scenes that involve crowds of people, when debating or when presenting ideas in council.