During the extensive festivals at New-year (usually ic april) and to a lesser extent those of harvest (usually ic october) the influential and wealthy put a great deal of effort into hosting sports and other events to entertain everyone and thus prove their prowess and generosity as hosts. Even when the events do not include prize money people are eager to use the opportunity to prove their physical aptitude. In large cities you will find professional athletes that make a living by participating in regular competitions but this is a unpredictable career at best.

Athletics Skill

The athletics skill is used to represent a players training in how to use his or her body to get the best results in physical activity. A skilled athlete can run faster, dodge easier and work longer than someone without the skill. It is actively used in combat and a number of rp events and games.

Future Plans

We intend to add a number of simple coded games to facilitate the running of sport events by players.