Trade is the life blood of the Su'ndari. It is the lure of trade which enabled Sessina to establish the first city of the Su'ndari empire and which later encouraged a young empire to expand and conquer. These days trade is no less important. Without trade the empire would rapidly fall apart and the people have become used to the life of luxury available to anyone with wealth. The Su'ndari have become spoilt and decadent and nothing matches their lust for new and exotic goods.

Economics Skill

The economics skill is used to represent a characters understanding in the techniques and methods involved in successful trades. As a result players with economics of 2 or more are able to participate in import and export trade. This is not currently automated and will need to be done through a member of staff at present. It will also be used in conjunction with the management skill to determine how well a player-house run business performs.

Management Skill

The management skill represents a characters ability to manage people in a way that makes them happy to do what the other wills without resorting to lies, manipulation or threats. It is used in conjunction with the economics skill to determine how well a player-house run business performs.

It has a coded use in the order <name> to action command when the ordering player has obvious authority over the subject.