The Outpost

Though the Su'undari have many colonies and borders, the founding of this particular settlement is worth noting. A merchant ship on a long return journey was thrown off course by a devastating storm. Having already sailed for weeks by the time they ran into disaster they were in no condition to make it through, and their chances of surviving the night were dim. By morning their rudder had broken and their thrashed sails were useless, leaving them to drift aimlessly on the easing seas. The crew had fallen into the same condition as their vessel as they accepted their fate, for days they waited for the ship to fail them or to simply starve to death, it wasn't until all hope of seeing their homeland again that the gods seemed to spare them. A sliver of land rose up from the endless horizon and they managed to float ashore, salvaging what was left of their boat.

Though they had been saved from a watery tomb, it soon became apparent that they were a long way from their destination. Finding themselves in a land vastly different from the great Su'ndi deserts or even any of numerous colonies the Empire possessed. The dense tropical forest they had stumbled into did seem to be filled with wildlife and resources, especially the timber they desperately lacked and imported in Su'ndi. With time the sailors were able to repair their ship and restock their supplies. Their mission had been long since forgotten as it became apparent that what they had found could prove much more valuable. A handful of men and a wealthy merchant by the name of Danuk Agatam stayed behind with his family to begin settling what would soon seem an untamable land. Finding a large river that seemed to delve deep within the land and cut between the surrounding mountain ranges, they started to carve their place in the land.


Their new life proved just as dangerous as the journey that brought them. Trial and error being their only source of survival knowledge and the unforgiving land didn't leave much room for mistakes. It would take 20 years for the ship to return and reconnect them with the Su'undari homeland. In that time the Agatam's managed to construct an outpost to protect themselves and a handful of buildings and discoveries that would ensure a niche for them to thrive. Though two years before the ships return, Danuk Agatam turned up missing. He certainly wasn't the only casualty but what became of him, no one knew. His family could only assume he had been consumed by the forest and had either been killed by some beast or unable to find his way back in the labyrinth of trees. Danuk's eldest son would take his place and proved himself competent in managing the outpost in the years to come.

With the Su'undari's return growth quickly became exponential and a trade route has been established with Su'ndi. New settlers filter in among the ships and each passing day helps cement the place of the settlers and the su-ndi-trading-company in their foreign home.