The Breadbasket of the Su'ndi Empire
Symbol - White frankincense tree in/on a yellow background


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The Ajayoan province is located to the southwest of the Su'ndi region occupying the relatively fertile land near the coast. The land is quite hilly and the people of the region have terraced almost all of the hills. Rain and mist comes off the ocean with relative predictability and the coastal side of the province is the greenest place within the Su'ndi Empire. In these relatively lush lands people grow orchards in abundance and fruit is readily available. The central regions are primarily used to grow coffee and the inland side, where it is hard to imagine the moisture and greenery to the west, is given over to mile upon mile of resin trees. A small crop of wood is cut from the orchards each year bringing the 250,000 citizens of the Ajayoan Province further importance in the maintenance of the Empire.

The capital city is situated on one of these terraced hillsides close to the ocean but it is another nearby trade city that houses the extensive docks so important for trade. Each tier in this city houses a specific type of House with the richer trade and plantation owning houses at the top closest to the great Ajayoan temple.

The Ajayoan province has been peaceful for years but for the occasional civil uprising and outlaws and bandit gang hiding in the less travelled regions of the province and the constant raids and counter raids that take place along the border of the untamed region. To counter these internal and external threats Ajayoa boasts a permanent force of approximately 14000 Infantry, 900 elite/heavy infantry, 2000 cavalry and 8 warships.

The Ajayoan people are known to be independent, strong-willed, enduring and opinionated. They favor bright colours and solid, practical garments. Physically they have solidly built frames, dark eyes, dark tan to brown skin and dark curly hair.

History piece to work in:
Ajayoa was unprepared for the battle that ensued. By this point the Su'ndari empire could raise massive numbers of men, horses and ships and Havan is famed for his military strategy. A mere three years later the raven haired goddess-queen of Ajayoa was forced into a marriage which was held over the eviscerated remains of her husband on the terraced hillsides overlooking her citadel. With his appetite for bloodshed unquenchable even by the addition of the Ajoyan jewel into the empire, Havan then turned his eyes to the east - leaving his new wife to continue her rule within the occupied city. Ajayoa is one of the few places in the empire capable of producing the wood required for the massive ocean going battleships which have provided much of the empires recent strength.

Personality/culture stuff to work in:
"They believe in a strong martial presence - although they believe they should do this through profession military people rather than training everyone. They are a practical people much used to order and peace. They are strong-willed, enduring and opinionated. The Ajayoan province from which they come has a reputation for matriarchal leanings and this house is no different. Religion is very important to them. Social manouverability is important to them and they are the most forgiving of people who have had misfortunate pasts."

Gyroa needs combining into Ajayoa Province.
The first goal of the Su'ndi people was the control of the Davrini river and its estuary. The Davrini river links the Su'ndi region to the sea passing through both the Gyroa and Suroa regions. To start with the Su'ndi attempted to gain the other regions via trade and politics. This was partly successful and Gyroa eventually joined the Su'ndi as a protectorate state but Suroa had no intention of falling under the governorship of a Su'ndari emporer. A mere two years after Gyroa's surrender the Emperor ordered the building of the first conquest fleet ever known and set sail for Suroa.

Give the ajayoan queen gyroa as a wedding gift?