Tetchy, proud but exceptionally skilled sailors

Elsijoan is a land strangled by drought. It has been decades since the rainfall has been sufficient to maintain the agricultural strength that the priests describe and there are some individuals within the Elsijoan province that swear they have never seen water fall from the sky. Standing water is extremely rare but the Elsijoan wells and underground cisterns are considered to be one of the great Su'ndarian achievements. These wells still supply the cities with a regular supply of fresh water but even they have proven to be susceptable to drought. Every year another well fails and another area of the city becomes all but uninhabitable. The Elsijoan people slowly drift away from the cities and it is only the vital industries that are housed within the city walls and the link between ancestor and child that keeps the city populated at all.


The people of Elsijoa are no longer wealthy despite the bounty that comes from the nearby ocean. Much of their wealth has been spent importing vital agricultural supplies as the Elsijoan people adapted their crops and lifestyles to the more arid conditions. At present the cities main income comes from the Su'ndarian capital and merchants in order to maintain the vital trade and military port that the city provides. Much of the remaining population lives along the coast where they can fish. The people that live within the remainder of the Elsijoan province are mostly involved in fishing, subsistence farming and the productuction of household crafts. There are also several abandoned towns and small cities which provide an income source for small groups of scavengers and adventurers. A relatively large proportion of the population are involved with the military and the Elsijoan province currently supports approximately 2000 Infantry, 200 elite troops, a cavalry of 500 and 20 warships.

Despite the harshness of the local conditions the people of Elsijoa love colourful garments and bold, bright designs. Their homes are covered with vibrant painted images and even the poor are swathed in bright colour. The people of the region are also known for wearing brightly coloured capes for all occasions and in all weather conditions. People of Elsijoan origin are considered to be thin skinned about their honor in general. It is said that to insult a citizen of Elsijoa is to insult his family, his friends and his city. The Elsijoan people are proud that they were the last province to fall to the invading Su'ndi.

The population of Elsijoa is currently assumed to be 60,000 souls, the house which presently holds the Governorship is House Omoris and the provincial symbol is a green swordfish and a yellow dolphin forming a circle on a blue background.