Kassoa Region
New Region



10 years ago Danuk Kassan got blown off course during a trade voyage in his fast merchant "The wing of Kassan". After being becalmed until survival seemed unlikely a huge storm cast the ship and crew onto the Kassoan peninsula - a landmass formerly utterly unknown to the Su'ndari peoples. They spent 5 years surviving in Kassoa before they managed to get the ship back into a seaworthy state. At that point Danuk split the crew in half and sent half back to the mainland to spread news of this wonderous discovery with samples of herbs and spices from the area whilst Danuk and the remaining crew attempted to form a colony here. Shakti Kassan, Danuk's wife, received this news and began to organise a colonisation effort. She made a deal with five houses, six if you include House Kassan, to combine funding and resources for the expedition. In return they would receive a share of the goods that the Kassan merchant fleet would import from the new Kassoa province and they would each be able to send six people to found new Houses in the new settlement. About 18 months ago the first ships from that colonisation effort started landing on Kassoa with debt slaves and a few hirelings to meet with Danuk's crew and start building the colony properly. They couldn't find any evidence of Danuk nor his crew so they began to build the structures that they been arranged for originally. Those structures are complete. The seven founders of each new House arrived on a fast merchant called the Sea Falcon in the beginning of May 448 ID.

Kassoa does not yet have a provincial symbol

The settlement does not as yet have an official name. As such it is usually referred to simply as the town, the colony or the outpost.

There is also a lighthouse that has been built in the estuary. This lighthouse has a garrison of 10 professional Su'ndi soldiers under a commander chosen by the su'ndi central council. This this garrison does not have any allegiance to the Kassoa region. The lighthouse is supplied and maintained through the community levy or service owed by each House to the province.


Approx 50 house members, 50 freed slaves and 300 debt slaves currently call Kassoa home.

Powerful Houses

No house can be considered more powerful than the others at this point in time. The power houses are House Sabunid, House Efranis, House Ankineid, House Kassanid, House Anassid and House Delrineid.



Kassoa mainly imports spices and medical ingredients familiar to the people of the Homeland and luxury items such as perfume ingredients. The livestock population is particularly small. The colony currently manages to be mostly self sufficient.


There are a good number of kassoan goods that are found nowhere else in the empire such as elephant ivory, exotic furs, musk and many spices.


Kassoa does not have a standing military. It can raise a militia of approximately 30-40 men of whom perhaps 20 can be considered to be the equal to or greater than a professional soldier in times of crisis. There is a pallisade about the settlement but it is mostly unmanned.

The People

Kassoans are made up from recent immigrants from all over the empire. As a result their appearance and fashion preferences vary wildly.