Dark, suspicious port.



The city is located on one of the major rivers and like many of the other cities serves as a port and trade center. Liminoa is known for it's wealth in turquoise.

In 434ID House Miraj dissintegrated into a war over the leadership rights. House Miraj was a massive House that had grown so powerful that every House in the province owed them loyalty of one sort of another. Debts were called by both sides in the conflict and before long the entire province had dissolved into warfare. The war has technically ended but the conflicts still exist in the form of raiding and blood-feuds. House Miraj lost over half its members and much of its power base. It is only considered the most powerful House at this time because no other House has successfully stepped up to challenge it. Many Liminoan Houses were damaged to the point of collapse by the war and many Houses are still extremely vulnerable.

Population (120,000)

Ruling House (Miraj)

SYMBOL: A white ring on a black background.


Imports (TBA)

Exports (Clothing, rice and turquoise.)


Infantry (6000)

Royal Guard (800)

Cavalry (1200)

Navy (10 warships)

The People

A recent bloody dispute between members of the Miraj family has left the people suspicious and joyless.



The Liminoa people like bright clothing with bold geometric designs. They have no particular clothing style but it is common to find women and men alike veiled although it has started to become common for gauzy, transparent veils to be used by the upper classes. This tradition of going veiled stems from the recent civil conflict where it could be dangerous to be recognised or beautiful.


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Chargen Notes:
Eyes: Hazel, Green-Hazel, Ale Brown, Light Brown, Brown
Hair type: Ringletted, Curly
Hair colour: Honey Brown, Golden Brown, Ale Brown
Skin tone: Tan, Dark Tan, Brown
Height range: Normal
Weight range: Normal
Female starting clothes: Cloth Tunic, Cloth Veil, Felt Shoes
Male starting clothes: Cloth Tunic, Cloth Veil, Felt Shoes
Childhood Choices: Agricultural, Miner, Townie
Apprentice Options: Trader, Farmer, Military, Service, Entertainer, Crafter, Miner