Capital City


The house of power. The heart of the heart.
SYMBOL: A blue disc imposed with a silver cresent moon and star and ringed in gold.


The Su'ndi province is the homeland of the Empire. It is here that the first town and city was founded and it was in Capital city that so much of the history that would shape the people of the Empire took place. The Su'ndi province is made up of towns centered about a central temple and surrounded by areas of grazing and arable land. The land is not particularly fertile and the 600,000 citizens in the heavily populated region could not survive without the expansive trade routes bringing in food and other goods from the old Empire. Without a doubt Su'ndi is the wealthiest and most civilised of all Provinces within the known world.

Capital City is an architectural masterpiece. The buildings are all extremely ornate and the domes and minarets, each clad in gold, tile and inlaid glass, shimmer with reflections of the sky. It is said that at dawn the city glows, at midday it shimmers and at dusk it burns with a golden fire. The city itself is almost entirely populated by the wealthy and those who are without citizenship are not even permitted within the sacred walls. Those who wish to trade and work within the capital who are not up to the standards required to own property within the walls have built and taken up residence in a number of satellite towns but even these towns are wealthier than most of those in the outlying provinces.


The Su'ndi are a decadent people with an obvious pride in their success and wealth. They compete to outdo each other in ostentatious displays of wealth by hosting parties and wearing the richest, most elaborately decorated outfits they can afford. This has risen to the level where the wealthy dress in clothing reserved for entertaining and ceremony in other parts of the world.

In the center of Capital City is the old palace complex and it is here that the government of the empire is managed and the knowledge of the world is stored in endless libraries. A council of councils has been formed with representatives from each province in the known world granted seats where matters considered of global importance are discussed and debated. The Su'ndi council also meets within these ancient halls. At present House Halluba provides the Su'ndi Governor.

As the central power of the Empire the Su'ndi province maintains a strong and extremely well equipped military force against civil uprisings and the endless threat of bandits and outlaws. This permanent force is said to comprise of 10,000 infantry, 8000 elites, 3500 cavalry and 40 warships (mostly river ships) arranged into two corps.

The Su'ndi region contains people of every known ethnic type and there has been little effort made to prevent interbreeding. As a result the people of Su'ndi have the widest range of features and looks found within the Empire.