Suroa Region
The City of Suroa: Smoggy, mazelike settlement with a reputation for Deceit and Political aggressiveness. .


+SYMBOL: A Golden Sunburst on a Deep Bottle Green background


Suroa is located in one of the rare river valleys to the west of the capital on what was originally a lush, green environment with it's study influx of water, in the early times of Suroa the established Coat of Arms was a large, golden sunburst across the settlements trademark Deep Bottle Green color - though over time the symbolism has become somewhat of a joke as the ever abundant industrial trade of smithies and metalworkers creates what can only be described as a constant cloud of overcast.

Population (600,000)

Ruling House (Tannuous)

+Politics & Society
The Society of Suroa is much like any other, though to say it was just as docile and set in stone would be a bit of an overstatement. The people of Suroa are often cunning and looking for ways to implement a renown ingenuity. The ruling Tannuous house has been in control for as long as most can remember, though is in a competitive struggle with the Paluris house, much of which is done through sharp and at time duplicitous dealings.


Imports (Precious gems, Cloth, Grain, Livestock, Labour)

Exports (Coal, Iron, Steel, Weaponry, Armor, Pottery, Bricks.)


Since the taking of Suroa by the Su'ndi, the Suroan army is well structured and established with a bustling command of Elite, Heavy Infantry which stands as the premier force in the backbone of Suroa's defense. Where the settlement lacks in Trained, Military Education, it makes up for with a mass of what is debated to be the most well equipped - with a land of Metalworkers and Smiths at their back, they are kept well supplied with some of the best Arms and Armor known to man.

Infantry (8000)

Elite / Heavy Infantry (2000)

Cavalry (1500)

Navy (0)

The People


The people of Suroa have a reputation for being dubious, cunning, and considerably duplicitous in nature, though the majority of these reputations are false. What can be said of the Suroan people however, is they serve a complex, analytical take on things Political, and consider actions much like a game of chess with a great deal of intrigue and a pursuing ferocity.



The Suroan people lean toward a style of functionality over fashion, preferring often plain, cloth material clothes in a darker hue with Deep Bottle Green being a prominent favorite. Keeping with a practical mind, often worn are long, mid-hip length tunics, often cut in a V neck in favor of air circulation while at work and a pair of loose-fit cloth trousers which tend to hang on the wearers hips and are upheld by a simple braided chord of contrasting color.

Veils are a typical sight of both Males, and Females, though those of a 'higher' stature often shed them in favor of revealing their face to the world, as if it was a graduation from common, to commanding, though some often see this as 'uncustomary' it is often only done by those with enough support - or fear - as to not be called out on it.

+++Families with a Strong Suroan Heritage

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