The City of Tamoa: Proud, boisterous, music loving traders.


This trade based settlement is situated on a location which shares both the bounty of a river and pure wells. It is always short of labor, forever going and probably the richest settlement in the known world. They are a proud, boisterous people, quick to expressions of passion. The markets demonstrate this exceptionally. Daggers are driven into the walls to underline the tendency of heated negotiations to result in knife fights, street music is common and even the poverty stricken dress in garishly bright colors.

Population (300,000)

Ruling House (Famoji)

SYMBOL: A white cutlass on a violet background.


Imports (TBA)

Exports (Trade, spices, carpets, metalwork, swords, livestock, horses.)


Infantry (10000)

Royal Guard (900)

Cavalry (3000)

Navy (10)

The People



Clothing styles are as boisterous and flamboyant as the people themselves. Bold, often clashing, colours are used. Both genders wear a bright over-robes which is generally left half open to expose much of the chest. Women also wear a heavily ruffled skirt beneath the over-robe whilst men wear loose fitting trousers. Gauzy veils are popular.